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Don't settle for less or even average because what I am about to show you, you've not seen it or read about it anywhere. I am sure this is your first time seeing and reading this so pay close attention and read to the end

Are You Currently Frustrated With Your Sexual Life Due To The Fact That You Can’t Satisfy Your Woman A Little Bit Longer, Due To Lack Of Sexual Stamina And A “Below Average” Manhood Size?

If Your Answer To This Very Important Question Is A Gigantic Yes, Then Give Me Just 5 Minutes Of Your Time As I Reveal To You The Secret Of Getting A FATTER And LONGER Manhood That Can Drill For 15 Minutes Or More Surprising Your Woman With Multiple Unexpected Orgasms


Performing your duty as a man by giving your woman “ Super Hot Sex” that would make her Cum multiple times to Climax non-stop and also make her beg for more has 2 important things Involved

1.        A Manhood so Long and Fat to the point that it drives into your lover, wife or madam's sensitive “Glory Hole” Vagina and make her moan louder in pleasure.

2.      Ability to service her (Glory Hole) Vagina back to back non-stop with your Big, Long and Fat Manhood without stopping for minimum 20 minutes first round or even more.

If you can have these 2 things, take my word. Your woman will literally open her legs and beg you to penetrate her on a daily basis. She will respect you and treat you like the King that you are, trust me she  never Fight you, Nag or think of another man, all she will be thinking about everywhere is you and how to have you inside her, she will never get over your impressive manhood due to the size and strength.

But it’s a pity that most men of nowadays like you can’t even last 3 minutes in bed due to premature ejaculation and also their thumb manhood size is nothing to write home about. In fact during sex, after just 5 up and down , you have are already pour everything out (Ejaculated) meanwhile your woman is just getting warmed up.

You wish to continue, you want to live up to expectation and give her that thunder sex that will blow her away but no way, heck your manhood is already flat. She sucks, play and romances but all to no avail.

Due to this situation your wife goes to bed angry, frustrated and sexually unsatisfied and there is nothing she or you can about it. This is when she starts looking out for younger men that knows the Secret to giving a Lady Good Sex


I can bet that this is how critical is the situation is for most Nigerian couples.

Premature Ejaculation and Small Manhood has destroyed many homes and marriages even if the man is wealthy and spends like an Alhaji. Many women out of frustration and anger have called their husband “Impotent” to their face simply because they have failed to satisfy them sexually in bed.

Statistics Have Proven That 50% Of Divorce Cases Are Due To The Fact That The Man Failed To Satisfy The Woman In Bed Which Leads To Her Boldly Cheating On Her Husband Without Regrets Or Remorse Because She Desperately Wants To Orgasm.


Sexual Incompatibility ( Small Manhood, Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection and Low Libido) mostly leads to Infidelity in Marriages which is about 54%

Divorces Are On The High Side Many Women Are Looking For Alternative Sources Just To Experience Good Sex. They Want Good Sex So Badly That They Have Resulted To Using Cucumber And Dildos To Satisfy Themselves Even Though They Have A Man In Their Life.

This Is Because Their Men Are Unable To Satisfy Them In Bed Due To A Small Penis Size, Premature Ejaculation And Lack Of Sexual Stamina.

LET ME BLOW YOU AWAY….. There are even websites were married women pay fortunes to Gigolos (Young Men) to have sex with them i.e. a one night stands, and they come out joyous and happy.

Your wife might not do this because she is a virtuous woman but I can bet that she is secretly being tempted to test other guys so she can experience what it feels like to have an orgasm. She is even praying to God to change your situation so she can enjoy a happy sex life.

It can be so bad that you wish to go at least 15 minutes and probably 2 to 3 rounds of marathon sex but you can’t just help it to the point that you release within just 3 -4 thrusts (up and down)

Premature Ejaculation could be caused by anxiety especially when your wife expects a good sex from you and she is already complaining. The anxiety that comes by just wanting to please her and avoid the naggings of a sexually frustrated woman could also cause premature ejaculation.

Stress from work, alcohol, tobacco, an injury or maybe a medication you are taking could also be the cause of this premature ejaculation.

Furthermore, some people are born with a penis that is naturally small. This small penis can affect your sexual life because it is not fat and long enough stimulate your wife’s ( Glory Hole) Vagina so she can experience an orgasm.

It takes a huge penis to give a woman an orgasm. In fact according to a professor Mrs. Debby Herbaneck, PhD

Women Prefer To Use Vibrators, Cucumbers And Dildos To Masturbate Because They Are Large And Long Enough To Reach Areas Where your SMALL Penis Can Never Reach So They Can Experience An Orgasm.

Therefore if you have a small penis , you can never satisfy your woman, she might be pretending to you but deep down she wishes you had it BIG and could go an extra 25 minutes added to your usual 3Mins

In as much as I do not like to say this, I have been there too. I Mr. Collins Giwa-Oludotun had experienced premature ejaculation and I had a very small penis that could not even last up to 5 minutes in bed. My wife was complaining bitterly claiming I was selfish and only cared about myself. I wanted to go on, but I couldn’t help it. My penis was flat as a tyre. It was so bad that my wife would burst out crying when I couldn’t satisfy her in bed.

The most painful of it was when she decided to move out of our room for a separate room, then i knew there was  problem, I caught her using Dildo under my nose in the same house

Due to this sad development, I knew I needed to do something about it or one day I would start hearing ugly stories of my wife going to find sexual satisfaction from another man. I tried a lot of things, but they didn’t work. I even used drugs like Viagra. Out of desperation and Frustration I told a trusted friend who is a Trado-Medical Practitioner about my predicament and he introduced me to a purely herbal package that performed wonders in my sexual life.

Who is a Trado-Medical Practitioner :  Trado-Medical Practitioner is a person who uses the finest of natural plants, herbs and other natural substances to improve health, promote healing, prevent and treat illness. Prepares local herbs with a mix of modern medicine standard with organisation named Research Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (RITAM)

See, before I couldn’t last up to 5 minutes, in fact after 10 thrusting I had released sperm but once I started using this herbal formula, within days I was gradually drilling my wife much more longer than usual….and damn she was enjoying it.

It not only made me last longer, my penis became bigger and longer to the point that I had to stop using it at a point because my wife could not take it any longer. She was so amazed at this development that she would continually thank me after sex and took it upon herself to prepare “Otong Soup with Amala ” for me which is my favorite because she enjoyed the sex.

My sexual life has tremendously improved, thanks to this herbal formula I’m about to show you.

Now to the Big Question is Are You That Man Who Is Currently Being Frustrated By Premature Ejaculation And A Small Penis Size?

Do You Want That Huge Manhood And Last For At Least  20 Minutes and More During Sex So You Can make your wife Cum multiple times and Enjoy good Sex

If Your Answer Is Yes?  Then Allow Me Introduce You To…

Vicsum Oil (For Penis Enlargement) + M-ROK Herbal Capsule (For Premature Ejaculation) is the baddest combo ever to cure premature Ejaculation and Small Manhood Problem. I told you earlier that what I will introduce to you was specially made to help you end Premature Ejaculation and Small Penis Permanently.

This 2 in 1 Sexual enhancement formula is your quick fix for Premature Ejaculation and Small Penis. How do I know this? You may ask. I wholeheartedly recommend this package to you because I have used it and it worked for me and many others who I know and I don't know. I will never play on your intelligence by sharing with you what does not work. Many men in Nigeria have used it and have many testimonies to show for it.

You don’t have to leave your woman frustrated and angry due to lack of sexual satisfaction, let this 2 in 1 sexual enhancement formula help you solve that problem once and for all and put a smile on your wives face after every round of sex, living her sweating and asking for more.

In fact, I guarantee you that you will see dramatic results within just 15 days or less of usage.

Now Let Me Show You How Each Of These 2 in 1 Sexual Enhancement Formula Will Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life

(Note that if this Solution that has work for more than 650 Nigerian Men, since we released it to the Market does not work for you then you have to visit Your Village People)


M-ROK Herbal Capsule

The powerful combination of herbs in the M-ROK Capsule gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out! Together these legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you get through the day. The main drive of M-ROK HERBAL CAPSULE is to improve sex appeal, increase reflection of nerve condition. With M-ROK as fondly called, you enjoy bigger and harder erections, increase in libido and complete cure to your quick ejaculation!

* Powerful Antioxidant

* Strengthens the Penis

* Hard Rock Erection

* Increase Blood Circulation and Endurance

* Helps support Healthy Circulation


M-ROK HERBAL CAPSULE contains 30Capsules and it is legendary as a tonic, earning its name as the “King of Tonics” It has long been used as a dietary supplement and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

It Kills Premature Ejaculation Faster and helps in making the erection Hard. Imagine with just 2 - 4 capsules in a week , You'll see a result that will make you say wow. and by the time You are done you're done with the whole pack, You won't have a choice than to send your testimony across.

 This Herbal product is so active, with No side effect, all 100% herb no chemical added with NAFDAC A7-0940L

It boost men's sexual performance, it dramatically increases libido, it relieves impotency in men by curing Weak Erection and Erectile Dysfunction

It releases Waist Pain, it enhances blood flow and promotes Stamina, it gives firm and strong Erection,

Watery Sperm? Don't Worry! The M-ROK HERBAL CAPSULE will Ensure your system is up to date and Watery Sperm will be thing of the Past in your Life. just take the M-ROK HERBAL CAPSULE With Pure Natural Honey.

It controls the hormonal imbalance there by increase the blood flow to the Penis tissue for a better growth in length and thickness.

Infact You wife will have no choice than to call You Bedroom Champion

M-ROK contains healthful polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, and protein. If you are looking for a way to make the most out of every moment, M-ROK is the perfect option for an Energy Infusion.

No more embarrassing yourself or disappointing your woman due to cumming quickly...

You Start to See Results… Almost IMMEDIATELY!


The 30 Capsules inside a pack of M-Rok  is enough to completely cure your quick  ejaculation and give you harder erection, increase libido in male and female. It corrects weakness of the penis, lost of sexual desire, quick ejaculation. It boosts sperm count and give a super hard rock erection for better sex enjoyment.

Get booster while dancing K.E.R.E.W.A on bed. M-ROK HERBAL CAPSULE will never make you tired if you are going to 20rounds. Say bye bye to pain and tiredness


         M-ROK Herbal Capsule contains a powerful herb called “Ashwagandha” that helps the body manage stress. Stress causes premature ejaculation but this herb will lower your body’s stress levels and give you sexual stamina by making you last longer in bed. No more 5 minutes sex.

         M-ROK contains “Nutmeg Powder” which contains aphrodisiac properties that increases your hunger for sex with your woman. It increases your libido making you horny when it comes to having sex with your lover. Your libido will increase and you will always be in the mood for hot sex, ready to fire.

         M-ROK contains a herb called ‘Shilajit” that helps strengthens the penis making it turgid and alive during sex. It eliminates flaccid penis, making it hard enough to give your woman multiple stratospheric orgasm.

         M-ROK also contains a herb called “Utangan” that reduces over sensitivity of the penis, eliminating premature ejaculation. It will help you gradually increase your sex drive duration.

         It increases your sexual stamina and strengthens you to the point that you can go multiple rounds of sex without quitting. With this, your wife will be the one begging you to stop penetrating her because she can’t take it anymore. You will become the boss man.

that's Definitely not all.....

An All Natural Oil that enlarges the Penis to Your desired Length in 14-21 days Guaranteed!

No Pill, No enlargement operation, No Pumping.. Just a well Researched Natural “Singapore Made Penis Enlargement Oil That I Used To Increase The Size Of My Penis…and has helped over 2500 Country Men across the world in helping those with Small and Tiny Penis to grow in length and thickness Naturally!

Vicsum Oil (For Penis Enlargement)

Believe me; This makes Penis bigger Naturally as I measured several times to make sure this was for real.

I took out a measuring tape and measured my penis…It had increased from the tiny 3.7 inches to a surprising 5.6 inches… in less than 12days!

Wow! That was simply amazing!

But it didn’t stop there…

As I continued to use it, I am happy to tell you that after a few more weeks when I measured again, it had grown to about 7inches…

The Vicsum Oil Contains

         This oil is formulated using "Clove Oil" which helps thicken the penis. This oil has the potential to double the size of your manhood in 3-4weeks or less. It is very effective for penis enlargement.

         It contains an Indian herb called “Bhimsaini  Kapoor” that when absorbed by the penis skin, doubles the growth process of the penis and also elongates it, With an elongated penis, you will be able to hit your wives clitoris with each thrusts making her experience multiple orgasms while she sweats and screams your name. I have used it and my manhood has a very intimidating size.

         It also contain “Tin Oil” that also provides nutritional benefits that helps sexual health such as vitamin B1 and vitamin E.

Viscum Oil cost N14,000

This 2 in 1 formula is what I used to achieve a bazooka Penis size and also last for as much as 25 minutes during sex. With this, I go for at least 2-3 rounds of marathon sex with my wife and she is sincerely grateful for this.

This Can Be Your Story Too..

Read this remarks from men which I know used this 2 in 1 formula and their honest testimonies below…

I used to have a penis size so small, that the first girl that had sex with me, vowed never to come near me again. She held it while it was erect and it was so tiny in her hands that I saw disappointment written all over her face. Worst of all, I was a 2 minute man, I could not hold an erection even when my girlfriend had opened her legs revealing her “love tunnel”. Every girl I had sex with, never came back again due to my predicament. My case was as serious as cancer and I desperately sort a solution. I saw this 2 in 1 “Vicsum Oil &M-ROK capsule “ online and placed an order for it.

Sincerely, ever since this 2 in 1 formula came into my life, sex for me has being a blast. I wish I could reveal my manhood to you; you will be shocked to the bones. I go 2 rounds non –stop and my present girlfriend is lucky. Thanks to this M-ROK capsule and most especially the Vicsum oil.

Pius Ikeji (Delta State, Nigeria)


I had being plagued with premature ejaculation since my university days. I have tried so many products, promising extra large manhood but non of them worked. Some of them even gave me nasty skin reactions and I would end up dumping them even though I spent a lot of money to buy them. But ever since I used this M-ROK Capsule and viscom oil, I have finally killed premature ejaculation. Thank God I married a woman who loves sex, that means we go back to back all night long. No slacking, no tiredness, no loss of libido…..I’m a sexual soldier now.

Tunde Fakunle (Lagos State, Nigeria)

Now How Much Can You Get This Vicsum Oil and M-ROK Herbal 2 in 1 formula?

As a matter of fact, this 2 in 1 package is super scarce in the market and frigging expensive. You can’t get it in any store as of now in Nigeria. It’s a herbal formula that has just been brought to town. In fact to place an order from the manufactures could be so expensive. Vicsum oil goes for a whooping N25,000 and M-ROK goes for N27,000 and you will also need to pay N5,000 for shipping. Even after this payment you would have to wait for a about 25days for it to arrive in Lagos, then you would go pick it from the agent.

This Is So Stressful, Expensive And Time Consuming But We Have Made Everything Easy For You And Also Pocket Friendly

I have discussed with the manufacturers risking my money to bring it in at a very much cheaper price for you. You won’t need to spend a fortune and go through stress, wasting time to get it.

I will give you 2 purchasing options.


You can buy one particular product at a time at the following prices.


                            Vicsum Oil (N14,000)          M-ROK Herbal Capsule (N16,000)


I will give you the 2 in 1 package at very much discounted price.

                       Vicsum Oil  For Penis Enlargement  + M-ROK Herbal Capsule goes for

N22,000 instead of N30,000

To Sweeten the deal for you Free+ Free++ Free+++ BONUS! BONUS!! BONUS!!!

If you take advantage of the discount by going for OPTION 2 I will give you a N10,000 worth of  NOMACIN Herbal Anti-Infection capsule TOTALLY FREE.

Yes you just read it, Totally Free 

Nomacin Herbal Capsule has been scientifically proven to fight sexually transmitted disease such as staphylococcus, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and all.

This 100% herbal capsule prevents the spread of such infections after sexual intercourse and also helps build your immunity to fight this diseases. All you need to do is take one capsule a day if you want to treat this infections and you can also take it after sexual intercourse to prevent STD’s.

If you buy the 2 in 1 herbal formula for N22,000 instead of N30,000 I will give you Nomacin Herbal Capsule FREE OF CHARGE.

I will also deliver the package to wherever you are in Nigeria FREE OF CHARGE and you will only pay when you see your orders.

I can assure you that using this Vicsum Oil and M-ROK Herbal Capsule is your surest way for getting an impressive extra large manhood and getting rid of premature ejaculation within 60 days or less. I know you might be scared that this might not work for you due to your experience with other herbal remedies.

Well, let me secure your money and take the risk myself. If you use this 2 in 1 sexual enhancement formula for at least 60 days or less and see no results or you are not satisfied, call me or send me a message to the number I’ll give you asking for a 100% refund and I will willingly, and without argument give you back your money, full payment , no arguments and you can also keep the product to yourself.


That’s How Confident I Am About These 2 in 1 Sexual Enhancement Formula.

BUT NOTE: This Package I’m Offering To The General Public Is Still Not For Everyone That Means Not All Would Get It. I Am Only Willing To Sell This Product To 60 People Who Are Tired Of That Embarrassing Premature Ejaculation And Ugly Manhood Size And Also Want To Desperately Want To Enjoy Their Sex Lives Again With Their Partners.

Over 15,000 People Will Read This Letter But I Will Sell To 60 Because This Is The Number I Can Take Care Of Without Problems. Once I Hit The 60 Mark, I Will Stop Taking Orders Even If You Throw Money At Me. By The Next Batch, I Will Sell For N30,000 Instead Of The Bonanza Price Of N22,000 WITHOUT THE Nomacin Herbal Capsule.

There don’t sleep on a bicycle, pick up your phone and place your order now by…

Here is How To Place Your Order

 How To Order

Here is How You Can Order For Your Own Vicsum OIL and
M-ROK Herbal Capsule .

Depending on the what you are ordering for...

*If you are ordering for only "VICSUM OIL "... indicate the code E-OIL  in your text message...

*If you are ordering for only "M-ROK Herbal Capsule"...
indicate it "M-ROK" in your text message...

*If you want to order for the 2 products together
VICSUM OIL and M-ROK Herbal Capsule...
text "BOTH"...

M-ROK Herbal Capsule (M-ROK) -
VICSUM OIL and M-ROK Herbal Capsule -N22,000

Here's what to send to us...

1. Your Full Name
2. Your Phone Number
3. Delivery Address
4. Product Code (

Send This Information as a text message to


NOTE: Your address must include; street address, bus stop, Local Govt. and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you.

You will pay to the courier on delivery.

You will get a sms/ call from us within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you.


Once you get a call from us to confirm your order details your product would be sent to our courier company and should get to you within 3-10 days.

If you have any question about this, Kindly Put a call Across to


P.S: Our Delivery Time is Estimated Between 3 to 7 days For Effective Delivery and Enable Us Serve You Better. Also Please Kindly Make Available Yourself to Receive The Package
 For Questions Call:
081-6946-4593. Thanks

Option Two

If You're the Type that Love picking up the product at office or would love to send someone to pick it up directly from us, feel free to walk into our Marketing Department as seen below address, The Ready to assist staff will be happy to welcome you and provide your solution accordingly, while you pay and pick your product

Write the Address:

 OID Marketing Nigeria
(64, Toyin Street, Opposite Opeoluwa House, GTBANK E-BRANCH, Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria)

Visiting Hours: Monday  - Friday (9am - 5pm)

Saturday: (9am - 3pm)

Hotline: 081-6946-4593

Once your order is received you will receive a call from my staff  in order to confirm your order. Once this is done, you will receive your package the same day or next day if you are in Lagos, and if you are outside Lagos, you will get yours within 3-7 days.

But Let Me Warn You…

Ignoring This Offer And Calling It BS Could Be Detrimental To Your Sexual Life. You Might Not Take That Premature Ejaculation Or Small Manhood Seriously Simply Because Your Woman Is Not Complaining. For The Fact That She Is Not Complaining About It Does Not Mean She Is Stupid, She Knows What She Is Doing. Women Are Like Time Bombs, The Day They Explode Could Be Fatal.

Ignoring That Problem Puts You At Risk Of Losing Your Woman To Another Stronger Man Who Could Drill The heck Out Of Her Vagina In Bed Due To His Large Manhood And Go Multiple Rounds Of Sex Giving Her Endless Orgasms With Reckless Abandon.

Ladies Love Sex Too, And I Literally Seen Women Go To The Extreme To Get Hot Sex Even If IOt Means Cheating On Their Husband. Ladies Lose The Respect They Have For Any Man Once They Notice That He Cannot Sexually Satisfy Them….Do Not Be That Man.

If You Truly Love Your Woman And Want To Make her Happy In Everything, Even In Bed, Do Not Ignore This Offer.

If you will be Travelling within the Next 8days from the Location you want us to deliver the Item to you or You wont have the Money Ready, Please do Not Place Order

Am sure you are wise enough to make a change by placing your order, it’s not by force but only the wise man who loves his wife would take action NOW not Tomorrow but NOW…..Am sure you are wise.

Thanks for your audience, I wait to hear from you.

Don't slack ,hence you might lose out.


to your Bedroom satisfaction

~ Collins  (Researcher & Sexual Health Activist)

081-6946-4593: (Calls 9am - 5pm Mon-Saturday and SMS 24/7)

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